Sunday, March 20, 2011

Unusual Food

We have tried some unusual food here in Brazil.  For instance this is a hamburger they serve here in the little cafeteria for the bus caravans.  This is not the cafeteria inside the temple.  This hamburger also has an egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and HAM on it.  The french fries are tiny fried potatoes that taste more like potato chips.  No ketchup to be found in the cafeteria, but you can buy it in the supermarket so we have some at home.  I really quite like the egg and ham, but I prefer the potatoes on the side.

  We have here some small speckled bird eggs found in the supermarket next to the chicken eggs.  There are 30 eggs in the package which is about the same size as a dozen regular eggs.  Our friends told us they were really good in salads, so we tried it.  You boil them for about 10 minutes so the yokes are hard, then peel them and put them in the salad.  Boy that is a lot of work peeling those little eggs about the size of a big marble.
For Easter they would be great, already colored and the kids would have to try hard to find them.  Then it would take a long while to peel them.
They do look nice in the salad and taste pretty much the same as regular eggs, but they are bite sized.  The dressing is a Rosé, is similar to thousand island dressing.

Saturday was a huge day in the temple.  There were 5 buses and the temple was full all day long and into the evening.

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