Monday, March 28, 2011

Some LDS Chapels in Brazil

Newest Stake Center in Campinas, Brazil
This is a side view of the newest chapel built in Campinas. It has been in use about 10 months. Notice the parking under the building. This is where we attended stake conference 2 weeks ago. We parked in the rear under the chapel.  There is room for about 30 cars under the building.
 This is a front view of the same chapel.  It is in the heart of the city next to the UNIP University.

Sousas Ward
This is the Sousas Ward in Campinas.  This is closest to the Temple here.  Lately we have been going to other wards for conferences or to hear someone speak.
This is a picture of the 1st chapel in Bauru, São Paulo when it was dedicated in 1965 which I attended.
Here is a link to a little of the history of the church in Brazil that I came across.

click  here to view a history of the church in Brazil

Click Hear to view the web album

Also I am trying a new feature to imbed a slide show in this post of more chapels here.

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