Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow in Manhattan

 Well we received almost 2 ft of snow in Central Park last night. With the drifts and snow plows, you can see it made for quite a mess.    The show house was closed because of the storm so we can't go to the movies.  Snow plows and snow blowers were working all night so it would be ready for traffic and pedestrians today.  I walked to the grocery store this morning and took these pictures.  Things were pretty much normal except not a lot of people, but you could get around.  I saw two cars stuck in the middle of the street because part of the streets were not plowed yet.
The cars that are parked will be there a while it looks like, but we are warm in our little apartment.  We were able to sleep very well because there were no fire engines and sirens going all through the night.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Buba Gumps

Looking out at Time Square from Bubba Gumps
Bubba Gumps at Time Square

Tonight, December 13th, we went with a group of about 16 temple missionaries to Bubba Gumps Restaurant for dinner before going to the "Donny and Marie a Broadway Christmas" show.  Actually 16 went to dinner and 14 went to the show. Another brother and I decided to save the the $110 for the ticket.  This was Verae's anniversary gift from me.  She said it was worth every penny to her.  She told me she didn't have words to explain how spectacular it was.  We will have been married 44 years on the 21st of December.  Honestly she only wants her 6 front teeth for Christmas, but she won't get them until January.

Yesterday at Church we had the ward Christmas program.  It was very special.  The musical talent here is wonderful.  The soloists were members of the church who are also professionals with wonderfully trained voices.  The final song of "Oh Holy Night" was sung by Michael Ballam who was just visiting and was asked the night before to sing on the program.  Tonight at dinner President Garff told us that Donny Osmond was there also, but we didn't see him.  Later in the evening there was a Messiah Sing a Long.  This is where they have an orchestra and opera singers perform the Messiah on the stand and the congregation sings along on some of the songs if you want to.

We are looking forward to Christmas here and New Years also. New York is decorated so pretty.  It is pretty cold now.  We went out and bought some gloves and ear muffs, and a scarf and hat for Verae.