Monday, August 8, 2011

"The Work" - Mormons and Missionary Work

The Nashville Tribute Band has released the third album in a series of albums about the Mormon culture.  The first was "Joseph", the second was "The Trek", and now "The Work" which is all about missions, missionaries and their families.
Check out the Nashville Tribute Band for a sampling of the album.

My first experience with missionaries was when my older brother set the example for me and served a mission to Brazil in the 1950's.  Then some of my friends and I served in various parts of the world in the 1960's.  I returned home, married a wonderful woman who would be the mother of my children, and we began to raise our family, all of the time hoping they would one day want to serve in the mission field also.  We sent three sons and a daughter on missions in the 1990's.  Then the many positions we held in the church and my vocation were preparing us for our first senior mission.  I was over joyed to find out that we were coming to Brazil and I would be able to introduce my wife to the wonderful Brazilian people and their culture.  But there were hurdles to cross and blessings to receive before this would come true.  Serving in the Manhattan Temple was a blessing we could not have ever have hoped to have received.  We served along side giants of men and women in the church from many parts of the world, who call New York City home, some on their 3rd and 4th missions.

Now we are here in Brazil and I couldn't believe the growth of the church and the country in the 46 years since serving here as a young missionary.  We have served with those on there 3rd and 4th missions as well.  It is a humbling experience in deed.  We live in the walled and gated temple grounds protected from outside influences and spend about 8 hours a day in the temple with those who have the same desire as we do, which is to serve both the those living on this side of the veil and those living on the other side of the veil.  It is as close to a terrestrial existence as is possible until the coming of the Lord in person to the earth again.  We are truly blessed.

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