Sunday, February 6, 2011

Arriving in Brazil


Well the day of getting on the plane to go to Brazil finally arrived.  President Garff the Manhattan Temple President and his wife were so kind as to take us to the airport about 5:30 PM.  It took about an 1 1/2 in route through the traffic.  We did curb side check in and waited for about 2 hours at the gate.

The Trip was  about 16 hours from beginning to end, but when we arrived at the apartment we were relieved that we had made it through immigration and customs.  This is the picture of the temple I took as the sun was going down behind it. I still haven't unpacked but I got the computers hooked up.
  We went to church today and I bore my testimony.  It felt so wonderful feeling the spirit and hearing the testimonies of these wonderful Brazilian members.  After church we were invited to dinner at the  home of the Temple Recorder with 2 members of the presidency and their wives along with the brother from the temple committee who is here for a few days.   It has been a wonderful day.

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