Friday, January 21, 2011

We Changed Dentists

We have changed dentists now so we can get things going.  It was still going to be more than a month with the previous dentist at the NYU School of Dentistry.  After waiting 3 weeks during the Christmas shutdown at the school we find that they hadn't sent the impressions off to the lab.  We were under the impression that the lab was making the bridge during the school shutdown, but they weren't.  Needless to say we felt very bad.  We found a new dentist the next day Friday the 14th of Jan.  Dr. Ayoubi is the new dentist and he gave us an appointment for Tuesday the 18th and they began work for new bridge.  It will be completed on the 27th and by the 2nd of Feb. we will be ready to go.

Out travel arrangements are to leave New York the 4th at 9:30 PM on American Airline flight 951.  We will arrive in São Paulo at 10:15 AM on Saturday.

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