Monday, October 4, 2010

Feelings from Manhattan

After three weeks here in Manhattan I want to try to give you an update.
Today the water is off in the apartment all day.  They are doing a repair of the "Standpipe System" of our building.  Every building has a place for the fire department to connect into the building sprinkler system. There are signs on all the building indicating where the standpipe hookup are.  Verae and I have colds now.  Verae was first and then me.  We were able to watch conference in our apartment on the computers.  One Saturday session I watched in the living room in Portuguese, and Verae in the bedroom in English.  That was different.  I then went into the bedroom with Verae because I thought I was missing too much.  We could have gone next door to the chapel but she wasn't feeling well enough.  I went to Priesthood Meeting there with the other missionaries for the Priesthood session.  Then on Sunday, I wasn't feeling so good so we both just stayed home.  Conference was very uplifting,  we were able to watch all of it without distractions.
New York is a melting pot for the nations of the world.  There have been many people of different national origins come to the temple.  This we are not used to.  We have three sessions on Saturday that are in Spanish, but many sessions have people wearing the earphones.  We even had visitors from Brazil.  One brother came to visit his daughter here in NY and they came to the temple.  He is a worker in the Curitiba Brazil Temple.  I was able to use my Portuguese and visit with him.  One of the sister missionaries here in the temple is Japanese and speaks English with an accent.  Since July she has learned the ordinances in English and Spanish then Japanese.  She is an inspiration to us.
One of the other couples here went to Mongolia on a prior mission where he was the mission president, and another couple served in the Philippines prior to coming here to NY.

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